"Cultivate. Curate. Innovate. Those three things will separate your event from all others in your space."

- Justin Nordan, Founder




Our Mission

To provide top tier event consultation, and ensure that the event experience is cohesive from start to finish. 

I cannot say enough good things about Justin. He’s always timely, always responsive and he’s kick ass at what he does. All this, and he’s an all-around solid dude.
— Bobby Garza, General Manager @ Fun Fun Fun Fest


  • Event Strategy Consulting
  • Logistical Planning & Flow Management
  • Box Office & Gate Management
  • Talent Buying
  • Branding & Design Audits
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Onsite Communications Management
  • Credential Design & Management
  • VIP Experience Curation
  • Executive Production