When you are able to audit your event, and take inventory of what successes and failures you've had, only then can you strategize for the future. CVLT Events partners with events, and weaves ourselves into the fabric, culture, and mindset of your event. We're tired of seeing events settle for what's expected. Instead, we would rather ruffle some feathers, take some chances, and do something impactful. 

Events & festivals have become multi-dimensional, and an outsider's perspective has become more and more integral to event success. With a background in event management and production logistics, we have been able to see all angles, encounter most scenarios, and help develop roadmaps for success through intentional workflows and proven methods. 

It is our experience, that partnerships are key. We have built relationships with some of the most successful and well-trained companies, and individuals, to create a network of top notch event professionals. I'm not talking about someone who's "taken a lot of classes about event management", but partners with years of boots-on-the-ground experience and knowledge of what it takes to produce a successful event. 



CVLT Events grew out of a need to partner with brands and companies that strive to bring their awareness and engagement, with fans and consumers, to the next level. 

We have seen many sides of event production, by being in the trenches with some of the best people in the industry. Starting off in 1999 in the Event Communications industry, then moving into Talent Buying and Event Production, on to being a Promoter and Event Owner, and Executive Producing large scale music festival while managing digital assets for artists during the day. We have worked as Band Managers, Project Leads, Event Co-Chairs, and Communications Directors. The depth of our knowledge within an event's eco-system has allowed us to travel to cities like Austin, San Francisco, Brooklyn, London, Chicago, Sacramento, Houston, and Los Angeles to work on events. 

At CVLT Events, we live the events industry. We love to cultivate new events. We like to challenge the norm.